Rabaconda Street Bike Tire Changer makes tyre changes easy. Most of the single sided swingarms are covered by the Universal Big Hub Adapter. Nevertheless, we’ve also made some special dedicated adapters for a few bikes. For several modern Ducati bikes, we’ve made the Ducati 56mm adapter. For larger BMW bikes with single sided swingarm, like BMW GS, GT, etc. we’ve developed a BMW Shaft Drive Type Adapter.

If your motorcycle is with a smaller hub than standard 20mm spindle, the 15mm Spindle Kit might be just what you need. It includes a 15mm spindle, 18mm wheel hub adapter and adapter for the duck head ratchet system.

Modern bikes have often so called cross-spoked rims, where spokes run out to the sides of the rim (like on modern BMW GS, Triumph Scrambler, Triumph Tiger, Moto Guzzi V85, etc.), where the side of the rim is thicker due to spoke placement and standard duck head will not fit. For these rims we have wider Duck Head for Cross-Spoked Wheels (BMW GS, etc)

Important! We recommend measuring your bike's hub sizes before buying an adapter or spindle. Also important! No matter what, never change a tyre without grease.

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